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Placement Batch - 2017

Vasundhra Chauhan Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd
Rupesh Kumar Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd.
Ritika Thakur Afflatus international pvt ltd.
Ritul Kumari Afflatus international pvt ltd.
Manisha Kataria Afflatus international pvt ltd.
Priyanka Afflatus international pvt ltd.
Himanshu Saini Afflatus international pvt ltd.
Narender Sain Afflatus international pvt ltd.
Anmol AON Hewitt
Ravinder AON Hewitt
Deepansh AON Hewitt
Ajay AON Hewitt
Kompal Kohli AON Hewitt
Sandeep Kumar AYM SYNTEX
Mayank Guwera AYM SYNTEX
Kajal Glotra Bitwise Global, Pune
Vinay Sharma Century Enka Ltd.
Anuj Kumar Century Enka Ltd.
Rohit Sangwan Century Enka Ltd.
Rahul Chauhan Century Enka Ltd.
Hemant Sharma CINIF Technologies Ltd.
Himanshu Tanwar CINIF Technologies Ltd.
Yashasvi CINIF Technologies Ltd.
Vivek Kaushik CINIF Technologies Ltd.
Rashish Chhabra CINIF Technologies Ltd.
Archita Diwan CINIF Technologies Ltd.
Suman CINIF Technologies Ltd.
Deepak Yadav CINIF Technologies Ltd.
Nipun Sharma CINIF Technologies Ltd.
Sukhraj CINIF Technologies Ltd.
Vaibhav Vinayak CINIF Technologies Ltd.
Ritu Sharma CINIF Technologies Ltd.
Surjeet Kumar Dollar Industries Ltd.
Sandeep Kumar Dollar Industries Ltd.
Vipul Goyal Dollar Industries Ltd.
Chirag Dollar Industries Ltd.
Vinay Siwach Dollar Industries Ltd.
Jai Prakash Dollar Industries Ltd.
Sameeksha Sourabh Dollar Industries Ltd.
Ashish Singh Dovoy Chemicals
Mohit Sangwan Dovoy Chemicals
Rahul Bakshi Estilos Pvt. Ltd
Rinku Baloda Estilos Pvt. Ltd
Lakshya Sharma Estilos Pvt. Ltd
Anamika Yadav Estilos Pvt. Ltd
Ankush Saini Estilos Pvt. Ltd
Himanshu Gupta GHCL Limited
Mayank Goel GHCL Limited
Naveen Yadav GHCL Limited
Ritika Nagpal Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Bangalore
Pankaj Arora Indian Acrylics
Rinku Rani Indian Acrylics
Sahil Sangwan Indian Acrylics
Rahul  Kumar Infosys Limited
Gagan  Sardana Infosys Limited
Kanik  . Infosys Limited
Khushboo  Singal Infosys Limited
Mayank  Dhania Infosys Limited
Punhik  Gandhi Infosys Limited
Jitender Kumar Komal TexFab Pvt. Ltd.
Jishant Gadi Komal TexFab Pvt. Ltd.
Ajay Sihag Komal TexFab Pvt. Ltd.
Rishav Dalmia Komal TexFab Pvt. Ltd.
Anoop Singh Komal TexFab Pvt. Ltd.
Ankit Kaundal Komal TexFab Pvt. Ltd.
Prashant Bhatt Komal TexFab Pvt. Ltd.
Abhishek Goyal Komal TexFab Pvt. Ltd.
Jyoti Komal TexFab Pvt. Ltd.
Sudeep Tanwar Komal TexFab Pvt. Ltd.
Mayank Tayal Komal TexFab Pvt. Ltd.
Hitesh Jangra Komal TexFab Pvt. Ltd.
Rohit Kumar Komal TexFab Pvt. Ltd.
Rajesh Kumar Komal TexFab Pvt. Ltd.
Karishma Komal TexFab Pvt. Ltd.
Aayushi Jindal Linchpin Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Noida
Sumit Kumar Madhura Fashion
Swatantra Sharma Madhura Fashion
Mohit Bhatia Madhura Fashion
Neelam Madhura Fashion
Shreekant Parashar MUST Garments
Aakash Vats MUST Garments
Deepak Dhir MUST Garments
Gaurav Chauhan OCM Pvt. Ltd.
Manoj Jangra Raymonds Ltd.
Leena Mittal Raymonds Ltd.
Arun Kumar Raymonds, Ltd.
Shekhar Kumar Raymonds, Ltd.
Navneet Riviera Home Furnishing Pvt. Ltd.
Himanshu Verma Riviera Home Furnishing Pvt. Ltd.
Nitesh Saini Riviera Home Furnishing Pvt. Ltd.
Brajesh Nandan Riviera Home Furnishing Pvt. Ltd.
Amit  Riviera Home Furnishing Pvt. Ltd.
MD. Ashraf Ali Riviera Home Furnishing Pvt. Ltd.
Harsh Kumar Riviera Home Furnishing Pvt. Ltd.
Pranshu Tyagi Riviera Home Furnishing Pvt. Ltd.
Vivek Pandey Riviera Home Furnishing Pvt. Ltd.
Rajiv Ranjan Riviera Home Furnishing Pvt. Ltd.
Soniya SachTech Solution Pvt. Ltd.
Rohit Kumar SachTech Solution Pvt. Ltd.
Komal SachTech Solution Pvt. Ltd.
Diksha Mehta SachTech Solution Pvt. Ltd.
Komal Allawadhi SachTech Solution Pvt. Ltd.
Shashi Sharma SachTech Solution Pvt. Ltd.
Rekha Chauhan SachTech Solution Pvt. Ltd.
Harish Kaushik SachTech Solution Pvt. Ltd.
Sakshi Sapient Global Market, Gurgaon
Sachin Tanwar Sapient Global Market, Gurgaon
Rishabh Duggal Shingora Ltd.
Priti Rani Silk n Fab
Ananya Manocha Silk n Fab
Sahil Sharma Silk n Fab
Lakhan Kalra Softtrix Web Solutions
Astha Sharma Softtrix Web Solutions
Sharmika Softtrix Web Solutions
Rohit Sharma Space Group, Delhi
Saket Valecha Space Group, Delhi
Anil Kumar SRF
Sheetal Yadav Super Fashion
Khushmeet Super Fashion
Manish Bhardwaj Vak Lighting India Pvt. Ltd.
Ankit Khasa Vak Lighting India Pvt. Ltd.
Lakshya Grover Vak Lighting India Pvt. Ltd.
Chirag Vak Lighting India Pvt. Ltd.
Vrinda Tanwar Vak Lighting India Pvt. Ltd.
Megha Dogra Vak Lighting India Pvt. Ltd.
Yogesh Sharma Vak Lighting India Pvt. Ltd.
Nidhi Chandna Vak Lighting India Pvt. Ltd.
Diksha Sharam Vak Lighting India Pvt. Ltd.
Vinay Kumar Vardhman Group of Industries
Nitin Gupta Vardhman Group of Industries
Karmjeet Singh Vardhman Polytex Ltd.
Jayant Mehta Vardhman Polytex Ltd.
Sanyam Vardhman Polytex Ltd.
Yash Arora Virtusa Polaris, Hyderabad
Mananjay Kumar Singh Winsome yarns and Threads
Amit Nandal Winsome Yarns and Threads ltd.
Sahil Kumar Winsome Yarns Ltd.
Manish Sharma Winsome Yarns Ltd.
Kr. Shamsher Bahadur Singh Winsome Yarns Ltd.
Nishant Bansal Winsome Yarns Ltd.





"Achievement of Excellence Not for Once, but for All Times..."


techblock2The Technological Institute of Textile & Sciences is a name synonymous with high quality technical education and practical expertise, a name epitomizing strength of character and dignity, a name that has served the industry for more than 70 Years and continues to do so.... a name that has a grand history attached to it.

The great visionary Padmavibhushan Dr. G D Birla established the institute in the year 1943 under the auspices of the Birla Education Trust. With a modest beginning the institute has grown into a premier technical education institute of the country drawing to its portal students from all nooks and corners of the country.

TITS also promotes international understanding and goodwill in a modest way by providing training facilities to students from other countries. In the past the institute has organized special condensed courses for students from Kenya, Mauritius and Iran and many foreign students have also completed regular B. Tech. Degree programmes from the institute.


COLLEGE1Its administration vests in a Managing Committee called 'TITS College Managing Committee' which is constituted according to the constitution prescribed by the All India Council for Technical Education.

The institute has attached to it a Textile Factory for training the students under actual mill working conditions. Students after undergoing such practical and theoretical training are fully equipped to handle confidently and independently the responsibilities entrusted to them by the industry. As such, they are readily accepted by the industry.


Approvals & Affiliations

All India Council for Technical Education

Directorate of Technical Education Govt of Haryana

Dayanand University

Ch. Bansi Lal University


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